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August 10, 2010 / Mike Biggs

How does the Shower help you to think?

I have been banging on about the value of water, and in particular Negative Ions for enhanced thinking, and I came across this nice post which also talks to the same idea and adds much to the practical side while I have focussed on the scientific side a little too much.

Here is the post

and here is what I commented

“I love this article as it adds some credence to what I have been banging on about for years.

I can add a little to this and it comes from a scientific perspective.

Here is a cut from my blog post of 2005:

” Take a shower. (this is my personal favourite). When in the shower you are bombarded with Negative Ions (from the water in the air), which enhance your well-being and promote a positive attitude. But more important than the touchy feely well being stuff, it enhances your ability to think, and specifically think creatively. – Have you ever noticed that you think alot in the shower? It’s not because showering is boring, but because your brain is in TOP GEAR.”

Here is my original post with much more on creativity and how to look at the process.

More about Negative Ions to come….


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