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August 31, 2010 / Mike Biggs

ThinkLAB’s twitterings as a newspaper

I have always found reading my twitter feed to be a big pain. There are too many to read in an economical timeframe, and the format is pretty boring to be honest. The result is that I rarely follow up on the great links posted by the people I follow.

I also like newspapers, so the combination of the two means that I can enjoy the content of posted articles in a format that is scannable and to my personal liking.

Since I like it, you must also like it. So here is the link to my Daily News. It refreshes everyday, so it only catches the previous 24 hours [some US to Aus date issues too i think]. If it’s empty just check back when there is some acutal news. If you are signed up to my twitter feed, you will be advised of a fresh edition.

I could go on about the thinking aspects of this but who wants to read about that? Let’s just leave it at a post about a cool think that I found.


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