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October 6, 2010 / Mike Biggs

Is there a case for a Chief Marketing Technologist? I am one lost sole who hopes so!

Scott Brinker writes in an article on Ad Age about the increasing need for a new role in the Marketing discipline; a CMT Chief Marketing Technologist.

When reading this I actually breathed a sight of releif; that someone like me, can finally find a home. Whilst I am not from the IT department, I do have a very deep knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of the marketing tools that have become so common today. My recent quest to find a new direction for myself has pushed against this very gap in the market and found nothing but a blackhole, sadly personified by the dull cookie-cutter attitude of recruiters.

From the article: “Previously, technology management didn’t need to be a core competency of marketing. It was sufficient to rely on a hodgepodge of the IT department, outsourced providers and vendor consultants. The translation of a high-level marketing vision into its technical implementation was considered largely “in the weeds.”

So I am giving myself a new title and a raise to go with it. Meet the new Mike Biggs CMT

Read the rest here:


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