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December 31, 2010 / Mike Biggs

Thinking Lessons Revisited DFQ#1

This the first lesson gets off to a nice start with a brief introduction to the conept of meta-cognition, which is essentially the core of the entire course. It then outlines the School’s history, which is an interesting read. If you are farmiliar with Edward de Bono, then this is worth a read to get the picture of his early career too.

It then sets the pace for future lessons. The Daily Feedback Question (DFQ).

This one is quite simple, but poses a strong question about nature vs nurture in relation to intelligence and thinking. It also mentions that the SOT Motto in Latin is: NEMO NASCITUR SAPIENS ARTIFEX.

Each course participant is requested to leave a response to the DFQ. For this question, mine is:

“The key to good thinking ability is understanding that it is separate from the content of what you are thinking about. Then you can proceed to modify and improve your skill as a process and strucutre, which has the ability to influence the content of what you are thinking about in very powerful ways. Further to that it is important to understand and see that the human brain is not born with any specific level of thinking ability, but that it is trained (intentionally or unintentionally) throughout your life.


DFQ #2 will be published in a day.


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