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January 2, 2011 / Mike Biggs

Thinking Lessons Revisited DFQ#2

Today’s lesson sets the scene by saying that we are about to begin a process of upgrading my brain software. I love this concept! It clearly defines that the brain, the ability to think and the content of thoughts are separate through an analogy that all of us can understand.

The DFQ for today is an extension of a quote fom DaVinci. It asks What ’something else’ can you work on today?’

Obviously this does not explain the context, but I don’t want to ruin it for everyone who is doing the course. Here is my response:

The question of something else refers to breaking new ground, of going ahead of the crowd, and of being creative to arrive at something new and original.

However, it is a question that calls for action, not academic thought alone; it asks ‘What ‘something else’ can you WORK ON today?’. This calls directly at the heart of action with a thoughtful mind, and does not endorse an actionless contemplation.

So early in the course, I am already recalling some of the key concepts which will be revealed later to those who are studying it. To me the idea of action and thinking go together so hand in hand, but it is the opinion of many that too much thinking means you are not much of a do-er. I would argue strongly, and will do so, repeatedly, in future posts, when we speak in more depth about the idea of action based thought.

So in summary, the message that I took from this DFQ was to ensure you both push the boundaries of what has been done/is being done, and push the boundaries of action limitation which could include such simple challenges as laziness, apathy, or serious ones such as the idea that you cannot act unless you have contemplated and mentally addressed every eventuation.

DFQ#3 will be completed in a day.


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