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January 2, 2011 / Mike Biggs

Thinking Lessons Revisited DFQ#3 – Albert Einstein

Another major thinker from history, in fact, Einstein could be the most influential of all human history, but that is not for me to worry about.

A simple quote, with an immense question underlying: ” What is the purpose of your existence?”.

I suppose we are up to lesson three, so why not wheel out the big questions and get rid of the dumb ones from class now… 🙂

This time I will give my response first, then go into a blag about what the question is about in relation to the context at hand; thinking.

My answer to DFQ#3: My purpose in life is simply to live life productively and to treat mankind well.

Pretty simple answer, and to go on about some metaphysical concept is not necessary here. So what is the point?

In order to become a competent thinker you must first understand that you, an individual, are part of the process and that your personal perspective is unique and separate from every other individual in the universes. Yeah yeah, sounds obvious, but to become even a competent thinker, you need to get a handle on the concept of perspectives.

Realising that you are a single perspective is the first step.

[as usual I may be jumping the gun a bit and getting into  concepts that will be developed later]


Stay tuned for the next DFQ#



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