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January 10, 2011 / Mike Biggs

Thinking Lessons revisited DFQ#5 The Puddle

This is where the course starts to hot up. And on a side note, if you are feeling as if the lessons are a bit simple so far, then don’t worry, after about the 10th lesson they become both challenging and complex in all the right ways.

Another insight I had about the course in general:

” A course that assists you to think better on the surface appears to be for those who my currently be closed-minded and or have only limited thinking ability. Logically, it makes sense that these people are the most in need, and therefore are the primary candidates for this kind of course as the stand to gain the most.

There is a problem with this. The poor, or closed-minded thinker will probably not seek out a course like this, and due to their limited thinking ability may not have even realised that there is a lack of ability, quite the reverse in some instances. (see Dunning Krueger effect, which shows that the lower the intelligence, the smarter that person thinks they are.)

So it seems to me, that the people who have identified a need or desire to increase thinking skill (and to do a course like this), are in fact less in need. They already demonstrate the conscious or unconscious understanding that development is possible, and potential that there are other ways of thinking than their own.

That being said, they are the ones who have the most to gain. At a practical level they will be the most capable and motivated to take on the concepts and learnings, applying them into their everyday lives. So even though these students are already better thinkers, they will progress a much greater amount than a student who has had the knowledge applied without first realising the need themselves.”

So about this lesson, the Puddle.

through a quote from the creator of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the lesson explains how a Puddle is infected with a self-image problem. The Puddle assumes that it is perfect for the hole which it inhabits and vice versa. When the sun causes the Puddle to shrink, it then considers it’s size and shape to still be perfect which is confirmed by the hole/space it takes up. It’s a continual self-fulfilling prophecy.

Many people suffer from this attitude.

The lesson asks “What do you think we need to be on the watch out for?”

My answer was: “The human notion of self-awareness. To me this concept allows us to elevate ourselves above everything else, when the concept itself is what keeps us from elevating further.”



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