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January 17, 2011 / Mike Biggs

Thinking Lesons Revisited DFQ#7 Maria Spiropulu- Physicist at CERN

Conceptually, this lesson is very strong although very short. Here is the quote and subsequent question:

Maria Spiropulu, Physicist at CERN,
the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva says:

“I believe nothing to be true if it cannot be proved. If you believe something, then you don’t need proof of it, and if you have proof, you don’t need to believe it.”

The DFQ for today is: “What do you believe that you cannot prove?”

Wow, this question (including the preceding quote) almost answers its own question. Here was my answer when I did the course originally:

No matter how much of the unknown we uncover, it does nothing to reduce the unknowable.

Looking at it now, I think that answer may have reflected the reading material I was exposing myself to at the time. Carlos Castaneda’s Tales of Power has many philosophical questions and potential understandings thereof which you could subscribe to. I may have overshot the depth on this question, or did I?


On a side note, I have some theories that there are strong connections and crossovers in concept and methodology between those described in Castaneda’s work, and the concepts being discussed here in the Thinking Course. The most explainable is that the concept of Power as used in the Castaneda books, and the concept of creativity have a very strong link. Further to that, creativity and evolution are without a doubt linked.

I would like to work up this idea into something more substantial. If you have any interest in reading about my ideas in depth, please just shoot me an email or comment, so I can gauge interest.



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  1. Obi Wan Kenobi / Jan 17 2011 1:06 pm

    I’d be interested to read more about your ideas exploring the relationship between creativity and power, with reference to whose ideas you are building on. Intriguing

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