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February 8, 2011 / Mike Biggs

A designer never actually creates anything new; A designer is a Design@er [designater]

There are two ways of looking at design:

a:The output of a new product. OR

b:The knowledgeable application of a process.

Clients will often be under the misconception that they are purchasing a product from their designer, or even those that are purchasing a service, beleive it is the fruits of that service that the designer is providing. This is remiss.

An experienced and skilled designer realises that what they offer is a process. An informed process being executed by an experienced, professional opinion. The output of the process is what may be required for a particular use, but it is the process of getting there that the designer offers.

Why are designers really Design@ers.

During the process of design (as identified above as option b. In case it is not clear, option b is the correct understanding of design) a designer uses experience, testing, and heruistics to define the components that should be combined. They designate the colours, sizes, styles, types of interaction, words, sounds, etc. The resulting combination is a creation, but it is the output of designation; hence they are a designer.

You can’t invent colours

You can’t create new materials

You can’t bring into existence new frequencies of sound

In web design, product design, architecture, fashion, or food design, all creators are limited by their materials and are in a position of designation, not creation in the godly sense.

Design@tion is not easy

To state that designers simply select from a range of options is to make it sound very easy. It is not. Good design requires alot of knowledge, skill, and understanding of the true requirements of the ouput. For me, this statement is to educate and announce that hidden in the word design is a clue to the true nature of the work, which is the skillful application of a process of selection, not the pulling of a rabbit from ones arse.

I have created a logo to share the concept. Please share it around with a blog, or on the twitter.


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