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February 9, 2011 / Mike Biggs

The superficial reasons people don’t think I am a designer


I don’t wear T-shirts and jeans to work

I don’t love ‘sticking it to the man’

I don’t ride a Fixie (the latest trend in bicycling)

I am not up on the latest happenings amongst a group of pretentious self indulgent wankers.

I can read and write properly

I don’t have crazy hair, makeup, or jewellery

I don’t hate ‘the system’

I don’t love Macs as if they are some kind of embodiment of GOD

I’m not into games past 1995

I don’t care about the environment

I don’t drive a trendy car

I live in the suburbs

I ‘get’ business stuff

I am happy to speak positively about the client

Have you experienced similar image problems? Share them here in the comments 🙂

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  1. Jonah / Mar 18 2011 10:09 pm

    I know what you mean.
    Here are a few more for the list:

    I can do basic maths
    I can speak intelligently about things other than design (or ‘sticking it to the man’)
    oh, and,
    I suck at designing ;p

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