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February 10, 2011 / Mike Biggs

How to setup your social media profiles: A guide for total noobs.


The first step in achieving a single minded voice in your social media channels is to setup a single identity which will be used for all accounts.

An email should be setup internally for this pupose, even if it is just an alias which points to another person’s email address.

You should also try to use the same password. Some social media channels have strict password security standards and will enforce a minimum number of characters and numbers. To ensure you can use the same password for all networks, you should create a relatively complex one in advance.

Example:  hoochiemama2000

When the login process asks for personal information such as name and date of birth, it should be decided within the company whether a key person in the business should fill this role, or whether generic company information should be used in place of that of a person. There are two reasons for this: security of personal information, and if the person leaves, it can be difficult to change the peronal info once thesocial channell has matured for your company.

Once the email account (or alias) is setup and accessible by the person setting up the social channels you can begin creating the accounts.

You will need:

There are many others, but once you master these, you will be ready to brave the others by yourself !

Once you have setup these accounts and started using them, you may also like to setup a Hootsuite account which is a service that allows  you to easily manage all of your social meida activity from one dashboard (excluding Youtube). It’s also free and is a convenient way to work within the social space.

To sign up to Hootsuite go to:

Note on using third party sites with your Facebook/ Twitter / Youtube logins.

There are many sites out there that have formed a semi partnership with many of the key social media channels for example Facebook and Twitter. When you visit their site, they may have certain services or offers that are available only once you have crated an account. To make that process feel easier, many of them offer an option to sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. On the surface this looks like a nice option that avoids the signup process, however there are some points to mention when doing this.

  • Your facebook information may be shared with that site, and
  • Unexpected associations may be publicly appartent.

When using social media for business, this aspect should be heavily scrutinised and the best general advice would be to always create a new account when signing up to these third party sites, and not to use your existing Facebook/ Twitter account. There are some instances where the association may be worthwhile and have a positive or negligible effect on your image, but you need to be fully aware of the implications if you do so.



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