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Mike Biggs’ Bio

Mike is an expert in the Digital Marketing field and is a certified thinking instructor. He offers deep insight into the thinking processes behind idea generation, idea evaluation and design thinking. He is a bridge between ideas, technology and people, which some experts refer to as User Experience Design.

Over 8 years in Marketing Mike has worked on Agency and Client side in; services, retail, finance, fashion, and property with all including a heavy dose of eCommerce and Digital Marketing. Clients of note include: Leichhardt Council, Jaycar Electronics, and City Convenience Store Group. He has trained under Dr Michael Hewit-Gleeson [Lateral Thinking Expert and Cognitive Scientist] on Lateral Thinking and Advanced Leadership Management. He has completed the very prestigious Advertising Federation’s AdSchool Programme in its entirety resulting in certification as an Advertising Practitioner.

Mike is a regular contributor to the Edward de Bono Society, and the Thought Leaders Central forums. He is establishing a Thinking Community and hosts monthly thinking meetings where members and attendees learn about and discuss thinking techniques. He was also a pro bono member of the Leichhardt Chamber of Commerce Management Committee whilst operating in the Leichhardt area.

Recommendation from Secretary of the Leichhardt Chamber of Commerce

“Mike brings integrity and commitment to our collaborative work with the Chamber of Commerce. I know him as insightful and grounded in the nuts and bolts of good business practice. At the same time he brings a great sense of humour that shines light in situations that can be challenging. He a good team player and contributes what is required to fulfil our vision.” February 11, 2009

Consulting enquiries should be directed to

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